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Arthur J. Gallagher has always had a proud history, giving us the breadth of knowledge necessary to provide you with the high levels of service, trust and quality you require.

In May 2011, Heath Lambert was acquired by the Arthur J. Gallagher group, one of the largest international insurance and risk management firms in the world. As well as continuing to provide you with the same level of service you have always received and the wealth of knowledge we have gained since the Heath Company was founded in 1877, we now have the added commercial benefits, access to the specialist knowledge, services and broking strength of Arthur J. Gallagher.


How it all started

Established in London in 1987 as a London Specialty Wholesale business – Arthur J. Gallagher is a leading insurance broker, one of the biggest MGA operations in the UK and Australia, and in the top 10 in UK scheme and affinity distribution, through our Gallagher Insurance Solutions (GIS) business.

We continue to build the business, enabling us to offer our clients support with large, sophisticated risks, traditional middle market placements and smaller commodity products.

Working closely with Lloyd’s and the London markets, Arthur J. Gallagher in the UK supports nearly every industry, and has clients on every continent that rely on our expertise and experience. And we’re continuing to expand in the UK and internationally. Wherever and whenever there is risk we want to be there for our clients - from individuals to small businesses to international conglomerates.

Our people, our depth of technical expertise and our global reach is critical in delivering unrivalled coverage, risk management and placement expertise. Our aim is to nurture our people so that they can do what they do best - promoting and protecting our clients’ interests - with a drive and entrepreneurial spirit that gets stronger as we get bigger.

Family values have been core to our culture since our parent company was founded and this drives the way in which we, Arthur J. Gallagher, look after our clients.


Our History Timeline

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Gallagher Heath History timeline